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Horizons 4th Grade Math Student Worksheet Packet

Horizons 4th Grade Math Student Worksheet Packet

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Put an end to troublesome math concepts in your homeschool with the Horizons 4th Grade Student Worksheet Packet. This effective supplemental math resource contains 80 black and white practice worksheets that reinforce your child's understanding of elementary math principals learned in Horizons 4th Grade Math Student Books 1 and 2. Whether used as a quiz, pretest, alternate test, speed drill or just a fun, practice lesson for extra credit, each exciting review worksheet will boost your child's confidence. Before you know it, he'll master congruent and similar figures, adding and subtracting like and unlike fractions, evaluating bar and line graphs, adding and subtracting decimals, determining time and temperature, and more! And best of all, this helpful Alpha Omega curriculum worksheet packet includes a chart that clearly outlines where and when each review worksheet should be used within the Horizons 4th Grade Math curriculum. (Note: The Horizons 4th Grade Math Teacher's Guide contains these same worksheets and their answer keys.)
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