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LIFEPAC 2nd Grade Math Unit 2 Worktext

LIFEPAC 2nd Grade Math Unit 2 Worktext

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Let's face it, math is not an easy subject to teach! And choosing just the right math curriculum for your child can be even harder! LIFEPAC 2nd Grade Math Unit 2 Worktext may be just what you're looking for! Because building on a firm foundation is the key to success in math, this LIFEPAC math worktext uses mastery-based learning along with spiraling review to maintain student success. In this consumable, self-paced Alpha Omega curriculum, students are provided with text-based instruction along with plenty of practice and application of taught concepts. The second booklet in a set of ten, unit 2 focuses on lessons which teach numbers and words to 200, odd and even numbers, adding and subtracting, skip counting, fractions, money, and geometric shapes.
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