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LIFEPAC 3rd Grade Math Unit 1 Worktext

LIFEPAC 3rd Grade Math Unit 1 Worktext

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Use the LIFEPAC 3rd Grade Math Unit 1 Worktext from Alpha Omega Publications to teach your child how to count and read numbers up to 999, and how to understand place value. This worktext is a consumable homeschool curriculum that contains easy, step-by-step activities that reinforce and expand on the concepts your child already knows. First in a series of ten, this slim worktext will increase your child's knowledge of math concepts.

The LIFEPAC 3rd Grade Math Unit 1 Worktext includes hands-on activities, easy-to-follow instructions, and simple writing practice. Adding and subtracting three-digit numbers, carrying to the tens place, and cardinal numbers are just a few of the concepts covered in this student-directed booklet. Your child will enjoy working through this compact Alpha Omega curriculum and completing the lessons within three to four weeks. Imagine the sense of accomplishment he'll feel! But, wait! There's more! You'll be able to check your child's progress using the self tests that are included. And to ensure student mastery, there is a removable, teacher-administered unit test for your use. We want your child to succeed—and we want to help you make it happen! Order your copy of the LIFEPAC 3rd Grade Math Unit 1 Worktext today. It's just what you need!
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