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LIFEPAC 4th Grade Math Unit 5 Worktext

LIFEPAC 4th Grade Math Unit 5 Worktext

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Is it time to review your fourth grader's basic math operation skills? Want to refresh his memory of addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication—and build new math concepts at the same time? Then get the LIFFEPAC 4th Grade Math Unit 5 Worktext from Alpha Omega Publications! This colorful, step-by-step worktext, building on past foundational lessons, reviews and reinforces your child's understanding of basic math operations. This 4th grade math curriculum worktext, the fifth in a series of ten, is a wonderful review worktext and includes other arithmetic concepts too—such as calendars, perimeter and area, fractions, roman numerals, signs, story problems, and picture graphs!

The LIFEPAC 4th Grade Math Unit 5 Worktext has diverse, confidence-building lessons that include fill-in-the-blank questions, money counting activities, and measurement practices. And to encourage your child to complete his daily lessons, this small worktext is a thin, manageable booklet—unlike big, intimidating math textbooks. Plus, your fourth grader can complete this motivating Alpha Omega curriculum in as little as three to four weeks! What could be better than that? But most importantly, this LIFEPAC worktext includes self tests, consistent reviews, and one removable teacher-administered unit test—all created to solidify and reinforce student comprehension. So, if you want to refresh your fourth grader's math operation skills just get the affordably-priced LIFEPAC 4th Grade Math Unit 5 Worktext today!
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