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LIFEPAC 6th Grade Math Set

LIFEPAC 6th Grade Math Set

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Can you relate to the frustration that many homeschool parents feel when trying to choose a math curriculum? At Alpha Omega Publications, we've got a solution that you're going to love! The LIFEPAC 6th Grade Math Set was designed with you in mind! Building on a strong foundation is the key to long-term achievement in math, and LIFEPAC Math programs use mastery-based learning along with spiraling review to encourage student success. In this homeschool math program, students focus on mastery of a single skill, and then move on to learn new skills. This approach builds a strong foundation in elementary math skills which paves the way for ever-increasing levels of proficiency. In ten engaging worktexts, the LIFEPAC 6th Grade Math Set presents instruction in the following advanced skill areas: fractions and decimals, finding common denominators, multiplying and dividing mixed numbers, dividing decimals, metric measures, lowest common multiple and greatest common factor, integers, ration, proportion, probability, graphing, calculators, and much more.
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