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LIFEPAC Chemistry Unit 2 Worktext

LIFEPAC Chemistry Unit 2 Worktext

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Does your student know how to use the Periodic Table of the Elements? Does he know the difference between a compound and a mixture and why it matters? If you're looking for a structured, homeschool curriculum that present these chemistry concepts and others, Alpha Omega Publications has just what you need! The easy-to-use LIFEPAC Chemistry Unit 2 Worktext teaches elements, compounds, mixtures in a fun, understandable way, but that s just the beginning. Student-directed lessons, hands-on experiments, and exciting activities lay a clear foundation in chemistry by presenting concepts one upon the other. In a short three to four weeks, your child will experience a great sense of accomplishment as he completes this second in a series of ten worktexts. Furthermore, reviews, self tests, and a removable teacher-administered test are included to reinforce your child's comprehension and retention of basic chemistry principles.
That's not all! This slim, easy-to-handle, consumable Alpha Omega curriculum has plenty of room for your child to write down his observations and discoveries as he performs enlightening experiments. What's more, its manageable size and portability make the Unit 2 worktext ideal for the active independent learner homeschooling on the go. Sound fantastic? It is! Make your chemistry class the talk of your homeschool coop. Order your LIFEPAC Chemistry Unit 2 Worktext today!
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