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LIFEPAC English III Unit 10 Worktext

LIFEPAC English III Unit 10 Worktext

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Analyzing written works can be long and grueling. Writing expository prose can be complex and tricky. Studying the different genres of American literature can get down-right boring. But not with the LIFEPAC English III Unit 10 Worktext from Alpha Omega Publications! This amazing language arts homeschool curriculum is the fun and easy way to put excitement back into playing with the English language! Last in a series of ten worktexts, the LIFEPAC English III Unit 10 Worktext uses mastery learning techniques to reinforce and solidify your child's comprehension of prefixes and roots, dictionary skills, verbal phrases, subordinate clauses, research papers, poetry, drama, nonfiction writing, and more! Student-directed lessons are self-paced and supported with interesting examples, illustrations, and fun-to-do activities that keep your child's attention and build his knowledge base. Plus your child will gain a great sense of accomplishment and self-esteem when he finishes this effective review unit in as little as three to four weeks.
The LIFEPAC English III Unit 10 Worktext is consumable, which means your child can take notes and write his ideas down right on the pages of the worktext! What's more, its slim, compact styling makes this Alpha Omega curriculum portable and a joy to use when life keeps your homeschooling family on the road. Don't wait to put the fun back into your teen's English studies. Order the LIFEPAC English III Unit 10 Worktext today!
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