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LIFEPAC English III Unit 2 Worktext

LIFEPAC English III Unit 2 Worktext

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Does student need to improve his writing skills? Do you need a curriculum that effectively teaches him how to write competitive essays with well-constructed sentences for college and scholarship applications? Alpha Omega Publications has just what you need: the LIFEPAC English III Unit 2 Worktext! This popular, best-selling worktext goes beyond the basics of good sentence structure. Using mastery learning techniques, this homeschool curriculum teaches your child how to incorporate subordinate clauses into sentences, choose appropriate relative pronouns, use correct verbals, and understand appositives. Easy-to-follow lessons, delightful illustrations, and captivating activities will have your eleventh grader writing like a pro in no time. And like all LIFEPAC worktexts, Unit 2 is student directed and self-paced. This bonus feature allows your child to spend as much or as little time as he needs to complete each assignment! What's more, multiple reviews and self tests are incorporated throughout this worktext to reinforce and solidify what your child is learning. Plus there's even a removable teacher-administrated test you can give before moving on to the next worktext unit.
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