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LIFEPAC English III Unit 9 Worktext

LIFEPAC English III Unit 9 Worktext

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Just the words "research paper" causes sweaty palms in most teens, and  the prospect of writing one can be even more terrifying if your child doesn't know the proper process or have the right skills. With the LIFEPAC English III Unit 9 Worktext from Alpha Omega Publications, you can squelch his fears with an in-depth composition curriculum that's both easy to learn and easy to do. Using mastery learning techniques, your child will learn how to produce a dynamic research paper step by step. First, he'll learn the definition of a thesis and how to develop one for a top-notch research paper. Then, he'll learn how to correctly state the thesis. Next, your child will learn how to conduct his research, properly credit sources, and form the outline. And finally, your child will begin the actual writing process. Researching and writing are fully explained in this Alpha Omega curriculum with engaging lessons that contain interesting illustrations, examples, and hands-on learning activities. Plus periodic reviews and self tests are built into this ninth in a series of ten worktexts to ensure your child's mastery of each step. And best of all, when your child finishes this LIFEPAC in just three to four weeks, he'll be proficient at writing research papers throughout his remaining homeschool years and on into college!
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