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LIFEPAC Pre-Algebra Unit 8 Worktext

LIFEPAC Pre-Algebra Unit 8 Worktext

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The LIFEPAC Pre-Algebra Unit 8 Worktext lays out the basics of measuring solid figures in easy-to-follow, student-paced lessons. The eighth in a series of ten, this vibrant worktext teaches students to calculate the surface area and volume of rectangular and triangular prisms, cylinders, cones, spheres, and more. Each worktext in this Alpha Omega Publications curriculum comes complete with student reviews, several self tests, and one removable teacher-administered test.

The LIFEPAC Pre-Algebra Unit 8 Worktext uses mastery learning techniques, so your student understands each concept before moving to more challenging material. In addition, LIFEPAC promotes independent learning. Watch in amazement as your student completes his work on his own, making this the perfect curriculum for any family homeschooling more than one child. Plus, the worktext fills homeschoolers with a sense of accomplishment as they finish the slim unit in just three to four weeks.
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