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Omaha Steaks

Mahi Mahi Fillets 8 (6 oz.) fillets

Mahi Mahi Fillets 8 (6 oz.) fillets

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A favorite game fish and a gourmet's delight, these ocean-caught Mahi Mahi Fillets have a mild flavor and firm texture with a large, moist flake. Well suited to stand up to a variety of seasonings and marinades, they're the ideal choice for broiling, grilling, or pan searing.
  • Sustainably, ocean-caught
  • Mild, sweet flavor
  • Firm texture, compact flake
  • Good source of protein
  • Frozen day of catch

With its mild, sweet flavor and firm texture with large, moist flakes… Mahi Mahi is loved throughout the world. Its taste is robust without being pungent or fishy, making it a great choice for seafood lovers of all stripes!

And not only is Omaha Steaks Mahi Mahi delicious, it is also a good source of protein… and it's perfect for anyone following a gluten free, ketogenic, low sodium, or paleo diet.

This versatile fish can be enjoyed many ways, and it's well suited for a variety of marinades and seasonings… the possibilities are endless. Ideal for broiling, grilling or pan searing, it's easy to prepare and enjoy.

Sustainably ocean caught, these Mahi Mahi Fillets are frozen the day of catch to retain their natural flavor and freshness… so you know you're getting the highest quality seafood available, delivered right to your door.

If you're looking for your next fish choice, try Omaha Steaks Mahi Mahi Fillets today!

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