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Omaha Steaks

PureGround New York Strip Burgers 12 (6 oz.) burgers

PureGround New York Strip Burgers 12 (6 oz.) burgers

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Crafted from the same perfectly aged strip loins from which we cut our Butcher's Cut New York Strip steaks... these unique burgers are ultra-lean and packed with the bold, beefy flavor you expect from a New York Strip steak. And coming in at an impressive 6 ounces per burger, they're sure to be a hit at your next cookout.
  • Created from 30-day-aged, flavorful strip loins
  • Juicy and loaded with bold, beefy flavor
  • 88/12 lean-to-fat ratio - the leanest burger we offer
  • Impressive larger burger sizes
  • Individually vacuum sealed for convenience

It's no secret that Omaha Steaks has some of the most experienced butchers in America. We age, cut, and trim the finest steaks all day, every day. You might wonder what happens to the excess and trimmings from all that grain-finished beef that's been naturally aged for at least 30 days. Well, in this case…these incredible New York Strip Burgers are crafted from the same strip loins as our amazing Butcher's Cut New York Strip steaks.

Yes, these delicious, juicy burgers are made from steak. And not just any steak - steak from Omaha Steaks, America's Original Butcher. You enjoy our steaks, and now you can enjoy them turned into some of the leanest, most flavorful burgers that will ever grace your plate.

Our New York Strip Burgers contain no additives or preservatives, just 100% juicy premium beef that's full of the bold, beefy flavor you expect from a New York Strip steak. And these patties are guaranteed to taste amazing whether you cook them over the open flame of a grill or in your favorite skillet on the stove.

Each burger is also flash-frozen to lock in its freshness, and then they're individually vacuum sealed, boxed, and shipped directly to your door. So fire up the grill and order them today!

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