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Weaver Success in Spelling Level 3

Weaver Success in Spelling Level 3

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Weaver Success in Spelling Level 3 has 57 lessons which emphasize digraphs, vowels under the accent, tri-syllables, diacritical markings, and special spelling rules, plus 17 additional lists containing commonly used words that do not necessarily follow phonetic patterns. You'll also be glad to know that diacritical markings and syllabication are covered in the program. What does this mean for you? No extra books to buy! Although designed for The Weaver Curriculum®, this material can be used as a stand-alone spelling program. Level 3 begins with words containing digraphs, such as flail, pound, preach, and clown, before moving on to words containing the various sounds of e, such as second, freight, surveyor, and pearl. Then the curriculum ends with words that have letters which make various sounds, like x (expend and exultant) and q (quorum and coquette). Do you see a pattern here? Your 4th grade child is getting the added bonus of vocabulary words! Order Weaver Success in Spelling Level 3 from Alpha Omega Publications today and watch your child bloom into a successful speller!
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